They are simply the best of the best – the cream of the crop.

Sitting still or moving, they are no longer mere vehicles, they have been hand crafted into automotive artistic creations with an engine!

The money some of the owners have spent could buy you a nice house here in Adelaide, and the quality of finish so high you can do your hair in the wheel nuts. Stunning is an understatement.

Entrant Info

There are 3 categories:


These cars are built specifically to compete at the top end of the show scene. The best of the best. They will have the works including a decent show display set up for the vehicle.

Top paint work, engine bay, undercarriage, innovation & impact etc. Cars like, PSYCHO, RAWR, SLAMBAK, RAG55, MISSION IMPOSSIBLE, KING KONG CUDA, SERGE BONETTI’S 32 etc.

Street Elite

Cars that have been engineered and have current rego papers. Paint work etc is above average. You would include cars like Owen Webb’s Camaro, Gregs Maskell’s Mustang, Stuarts Speck’s HR, Jodies GTR Torana, Jason Bonetti’s 34 Hot Rod etc.

This could be a really hotly contested class and may encourage a few owners to bring out their cars for the show.


Cars like the Aeroflow (Greg Holmes) 69 Camaro convertible. Nice paint, tidy but not detailed undercarriage and not so perfect door gaps.

There’s a lot of Zippel cars that would fit into this catergory as well as most of the Hotrods in Adelaide. I think this is another class that could bring some cars out of sheds.