About the show

Geof TartoosieHi my name is Geof Tartoosie & I’m the guy that puts the Adelaide Auto Expo together – formerly known as Extreme Auto Expo.

Here’s a brief history of how I ended up creating the Expo.
For 10 years I owned a car accessory company called Emtech Automotive. An important part of promoting my store was to attend all the major car shows in Australia, over 100 in fact.

In 2006 I sold the business & was looking for something else to sink my teeth into. The Extreme Horsepower Show came up for sale in 2007 so I decided to take on the challenge.

I’d been to hundreds of car shows all over the world, so how hard could it be? Well, it’s not an easy job but the satisfaction myself and my team get after running a successful show is worth all the effort.

One of the great things about this show is all the new friends I make and I look forward to making many more.

The Adelaide Auto Expo is an Expo that has evolved & moved with the times. Nowadays people have many choices when they want to be entertained, and everybody seems to be time poor. So when they make the decision to come to an auto show – they need to be entertained.

That’s been our objective – and 2024 will be our event’s 18th year!
Having travelled all over the Australia & the world I’ve seen plenty of Expos/Shows & major sporting events.

What I am trying to do with the Adelaide Auto Expo is take the good parts of everything I have seen & add them to the basics of what a custom car & bike show should be within a strict budget. You need to have Hot Rods, Street Machines, Hi Tech Tuners, Competition Vehicles, Bikes and a “must see” feature car or two as well.

You need the latest parts & accessories, some light entertainment, stuff for the kids to do, cars moving around outside like the Zippel Cruise, Simulators & some fine weather helps too.

This years show has received a lot of interest already & it promises to be the best one yet.

We are in the 10,000m2 carpeted Jubilee Pavilion for 2024, plus we have the grassed section in front & the paved area to the north of the pavilion too.

I still have plenty of ideas for the show but I don’t believe I know it all. So, if you have any suggestions/ideas for what the show might need to make it that little bit better, please contact me, I’d love to hear what you have got to say.

My attitude is that the Adelaide Auto Expo is not owned solely by me but by all South Australians, I’m just the guy that makes it all happen.

Hope to see you at the show.

Geof Tartoosie
Promoter – Adelaide Auto Expo