HIGH VOLTAGE, the original line up.

The first Adelaide band to pay a full tribute to one of Australia’s greatest rock bands AC/DC ARE BACK.

Formed in March of 1988 the band gained a fast reputation as one of the most energetic and exciting bands around.

High Voltage

Comprising of all original members, John A (Lead Vocals), Rob G (Guitar) Tony D (Guitar) Frank A(Bass Guitar), Carlo R(Drums).

All members have been doing their own thing, recording originals, teaching and performing with various acts around town. We have all kept in touch with each other. High Voltage has toured Melbourne, Perth, Alice Springs, Darwin, Tasmania, New Zealand and country areas.

The Band covers both eras of AC/DC. From its first single “Baby Please Don’t Go”, to the hard rock bands latest album. The show is not just for AC/DC fans, but for all lovers of rock n’ roll. High Voltage puts on an AC/DC performance like you’ve never seen. A show you will always remember.

The band’s success is mainly due to its energetic stage performance, as well as am impeccable reproduction of the classic AC/DC sound. From the moment High Voltage explodes onto the stage the fun begins, and there is no letting up in energy till the last note of the night.

The band works hard at involving the audience in their shows. Emphasis of the night is a good time.